ITCH is the ultra-low latency protocol for accessing Real Time Market Data. ITCH has been developed to maximize performance and so meet the requirements of latency sensitive trading strategies. For latency arbitrage this best electronic protocol. For latency arbitrage and HFT, this is one of the fastest methods to get quotes, but at the same time the most expensive.
Connecting via ITCH protocol makes it possible to get quotes directly from the exchange without losing speed and with the maximum possible frequency of data acquisition (1000 updates per second or more).

Benefits Of Using The ITCH Protocol Trading Technology

ITCH is an outbound market data feed only. The ITCH protocol does not support order entry. Timestamps are represented as nanoseconds. Giventhe unshapednetwork traffic, isrequiring firms to have 10 Gb or 40 Gb network connection into the data centers to obtain the ITCH feed.

Truly dark liquidity can be collected off-market in dark pools using ITCH, FIX and FAST protocol based APIs. In finance, a dark pool (also black pool) is a private forum for trading securities, derivatives, and other financial instruments. Liquidity on these markets is called dark pool liquidity. The bulk of dark pool trades represent large trades by financial institutions that are offered away from public exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ, so that such trades remain confidential and outside the purview of the general investing public.

The Westernpips Group company conducts a number of new developments on working with dark pool and high-speed direct connections via ITCH, FIX, FAST, BINARY and other protocols in order to generate the highly profitable algorithmic technologies in HFT trading.


Electronic Trading communications are based on a list of well-defined protocols. Although FIX protocol has grown significant market share, the exchange specific protocols (also called "Native" interfaces) have found a strong backing with low latency traders.


Native Order Flow: FIX
FIX Order Flow: FIX4.4
Market Data: UMDF (FAST/FIX)


Native Order Flow: FIX
FIX Order Flow: FIX4.4
Market Data: UMDF (FAST/FIX)

Bolsa Mexicana de Valores

Native Order Flow: FIX
FIX Order Flow: 4.4 - version 2.4
Market Data: INTRA / SIVA TCP

Chicago Mercantile Exchange

Native Order Flow: n/a
FIX Order Flow: iLink
Market Data: Simple Binary Encoding


Native Order Flow: UTP Direct
FIX Order Flow: FIX4.2

ITCH is the premium ultra-low latency protocol for accessing Market Information, which is delivered via a multicast connection directly from the Trade platform. ITCH has been developed to maximise performance and so meet the requirements of latency sensitive traders.
Features and Benefits The ITCH protocol provides. The ITCH protocol provides:

Ultra-low latency market information access up to 3 times faster;
Improved latency stability (reduced jitter);
Control of the Socket;
Multicast stream of order book changes;

Full order detail, meaning every quote and every order in every lit orderbook;
Internationally recognised and standardised protocol;
Time-stamping from Trade to the nano-second ;

The cost of using connection via ITCH protocol

 Warning! All Exchange and brokers require a monthly fee for using the ITCH protocol connection. The cost of using this type of connection depends on which Exchange you select to get fast quotes and for trading and what tools you need (currency pairs, indices, gold, cryptocurrency).

For example, quotes/trading from FastMuch Exchange using ITCH Protocol cost about 7500 USD per month. CBOE exchange cost about 5000 USD per month. Lmax Exchnange cost about 25 000 USD per month. The cost also depends on your trading volume and initial deposit. The minimum deposit for opening an account with the possibility of trading through the ITCH protocol is from 10,000 USD.


For HFT trading, other faster data transfer protocols and fast quotes are also used: FIX 4.4 Protocol, ITCH protocol and e.t.c. These types of electronic trading are available to larger retail or institutional traders and firms with a capital of 10,000 USD or more, since the use of this technology requires equipment costs and a cross-connect connection with the provider of quotes.

FIX Protocol Trading Tools

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The Fastest ITCH Protocol

ITCH is the revolutionary outbound protocol for market data transfer and recieve only. This the best way for HFT traders...

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