HFT Trading is a type of algorithmic trading via electronic data transfer protocols at ultra fast speeds. Data transfer rates reach 10,000 messages per second and the time stamp is measured in nanoseconds.

Сomplex technological tools and computer algorithms are used for fast high-frequency trading. The profitability of such systems directly depends on the capabilities and quality of communication channels and equipment power. Among all applications, the first to be executed is the one that will be first in the queue. And the main task of HFT algorithms is how to quickly place your order in mono and process the received market data.

The basic terms in HFT trading are speed, secret technologies and algorithmic trading. Today there is a whole industry of firms and hedge funds, whose activities are directly related to HFT trading. As a rule, these firms do not disclose their trading algorithms and secrets of their skills and attract private investment in large volumes. HFT trading combines a variety of trading strategies, latency arbitrage, index arbitrage, currency arbitrage, volantily arbitrage, statistical arbitrage and merge arbitrage, as well as global macroeconomic, long / short capital, passive market creation and so on.

HFT traders rely on ultra-fast speed of computer software, access to high-speed data channels (using FIX API and ITCH technology ), important resources and connectivity with minimal latency.


HFT trading is one of the most profitable and risk-free areas of trade, but at the same time it requires special knowledge and skills in this area and here you can not do without the initial starting capital.

There are several strategies according to which high-frequency traders act.

• Market Making, Electronic Liquidity Provision - a trader providing liquidity and making a profit from the spread (the difference between the purchase and sale prices). Additionally, for the provision of liquidity, improving the quality and attractiveness of the trading platform, traders can receive payments from stock exchanges or ECN, or save on transactional payments due to discounts.

• Statistical arbitrage, in which the trader tries to identify correlations between different securities and take advantage of the imbalances between them. Arbitration can be made between exchanges of different countries, exchanges of one country, between various forms of a traded index (for example, arbitration between a security and a derivative instrument from it).

• Liquidity detection , in which high-frequency traders are trying to detect large orders or hidden orders, including from automated systems, constantly sending small orders to the market, and tracking the time they are completed.

• Latency arbitrage , in which the high-frequency trader gains an advantage due to earlier access to market information, for example, using a direct connection to the trading platform, hosting servers near exchanges.

HFT Trading Software From Westernpips Group

Since 2007, Westernpips Group has been developing software for latency arbitrage in Forex, CFD`s, Crypto currency markets. To date, we present a wide range of tools for automated trading using strategies based on lagging quotes.

The Westernpips FIX Trader 3.9 Software is a platform integrated with the world's largest brokers using the FIX / API technology. The built-in high frequency trading algorithm allows you to trade directly through the FIX protocol, the world's fastest financial data transfer protocol. You just have to choose a broker and start earning now!

Technology Research

Keep up-to-date on the most relevant advances in latency arbitrage technology with the following research video.

NEW! Web Clicker Forex Binary Option Bot: Auto Trading

99 % of Brokers are not yet ready for this powerful tool and all the doors for work and earnings are open for you! It is a universal clicker that can be adapted to work on any terminal of a broker, be it a web platform or any other terminal for trading stocks, futures, forex, binary options or any other market you need

Fast data feed providers for arbitrage forex in Trade Monitor 3.7

Today, Trade Monitor 3.7 is a powerful data feeder that supports connections to eight of the largest real time data feed providers in the world: Lmax Exchnage, Rithmic, CQG, Interactive Brokers, Gain Capital Futures, CTS T4, IQ Feed, Saxo Bank;

Updated crypto trader 1.7: multi currency trading & piramiding martingale

Software Westernpips Crypto Trader 1.7 was created with the purpose of consolidating quotes from all the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, analyzing the received quotes and automatic conclusion of transactions on these exchanges.

HFT Trading software FIX Trader Westernpips: Multiple Data Feed Source

Now our clients have even more brokers available for trading and new features. Today available to connect and trade on the FIX protocol in many large brokers.

2 legs arbitrage trading: spread arbitrage and forex analysis in Westernpips Analyser 1.3 software

This unique software will allow you to make a detailed analysis of the quotes of both a fast and a slow broker and find the fastest liquidity provider.

Profitable Trading Story

View the monitoring, reporting and trading advisors examples in real-time. After seeing them you can plunge into the world of high-frequency trading and to feel the spirit of this profitable trade. All reports and monitorings only with live accounts, real investors. Good luck watching!

New Technology

The Westernpips Group company conducts a number of new developments on working with dark pool and high-speed direct connections via ITCH, FIX, FAST, BINARY and other protocols in order to generate the highly profitable algorithmic technologies in HFT trading.

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Westernpips company is the market leader in arbitrage technology for low-latency traders. Since 2007, we have been working, improving and looking for new ways for algorithmic trading and making profit not only by the participants of our company, but also by our customers, partners and investors. Together with you, we have already come a long way and today our products and services are used all over the world and we are trusted by many large institutional traders because we work for the success of our clients and new achievements in high-frequency algorithmic trading and arbitrage in Forex, CFD`s, the market for futures and crypto currencies.